Writing restaurant criticism

I’m no longer a restaurant critic, alas. Come to think of it, that might make some chefs and operators happy. I wasn’t a cruel reviewer, however; I was (or tried to be) an informed one. Which meant making sure that readers understood if I (and they) were getting their money’s worth of food and service.

Korean dumplings. Mmmm.
Steamed dumplings at Miega. Mmmm.

In any case, last month I left my linen napkin on the table and headed for the door, though not quietly. I couldn’t help but offer a tip or two about how to write a review for those who would practice this questionable craft online, something millions of restaurant-goers seem to be doing.

Tools of the trade.
Tools of the trade.

My advice is standard stuff: Avoid cliches, context is everything, be specific, write plainly. You can link to it here or to your right under Newspaper & Magazine Articles. Meanwhile, bon appetit. Oh, and don’t forget to order dessert.

Some restaurant's idea of a S'More. Hmm.
A restaurant’s questionable idea of a S’More.